To prepare information professionals:

an agenda for present and future

First International Conference of employers and heads of information systems

University of Parma, 24th-25th Novembre 2003

Via Università 12


We live in the Information Society and information professionals should be at the centre of the processes for the creation, diffusion, communication of the information in the Society, with the mission of improving democracy and users productivity through better utilisation of technologies. One could ask: are they ready for this role?

How can employers afford with the requalification and continuing education needs of information professionals in the digital environment? How LIS schools are planning for better employability of the new information professionals? How in particular LIS schools worldwide should prepare the information professionals in the digital environment?
Conference aim
To reflect upon and show ideas and best practices related to preparing information professionals for  Information Society and in an international labour market. The International Conference is a satellite event of the European Conference of Minerva Project Quality for cultural Web sites - Online Cultural Heritage for Research, Education and Cultural Tourism Communities.

In an international context, the First International Conference wants to focus the needs of employers (heads of libraries, archives, learning resources centres, information centres, corporate knowledge information systems) and of staff and students to collect their perceptions and expectations on the offers of LIS education and training.


The International Conference is organised from:
University of Parma. Department of Cultural Heritage. Section of Library Science
University of  Northumbria. School of Informatics
Saxion Hogeschool Ljselland. Institute of Business Information Systems and Management

Who should participate?

The conference will be of interest to senior managers with responsabilities for developing record and knowledge management services; staff of archives, libraries, museums and  information systems needing to update their skills; higher education students and staff involved in new technologies advanced applications to information services.


Conference topics


Fill the form and send it in attach. to Flora Balino, Conference secretery.