Medicinal Chemistry Group

MCG - Pharmacy Department - University of Parma, V.le G. P. Usberti 27/A - Campus Universitario, Parma, Italy


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The major interest of the MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY GROUP  is in the interdisciplinary application of chemical and biochemical principles to the design and development of potential therapeutic agents. 

The research laboratories of the MCG are placed at the Dipartimento Farmaceutico (Pharmacy Department)  of the University of Parma The Medicinal Chemistry Group is composed by 22 members, including professors and researchers of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the same University.


Research in MCG includes: 

1.    Rational design and synthesis of organic medicinal products

2.    Application of computational chemistry to drug design

3.    Elucidation of the mechanism of action of medicinal agents

4.    Examination of the relationship of chemical structure to biological activity (QSAR)

5.    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs and related products 


The Medicinal Chemistry Group is composed of three sections:

1.    QSAR and Molecular Modelling 

2.    Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry

3.    Pharmaceutical Analysis 



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