Università degli Studi di Parma
Dipartimento Farmaceutico
V.le G. P. Usberti 27/A Campus Universitario
- 43124 Parma (I);
tel +39 0521 905007 - fax +39 0521 905006

Chair Prof. Fabrizio Bordi

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The Pharmacy Department (Dipartimento Farmaceutico) of the University of Parma was founded in 1993, as a result of the merging of the Institutes of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry and Pharmceutical Technology. The Department is composed of 12 professors and 13 assistant professors.
The Pharmacy Department is the administrative center for the Ph.D. Course in Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics, the Ph.D. Course in Design and Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds and is the associate center for the Ph.D. Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. The department is the administrative center for the Master Course in Pharmaceutical Technology and Regulatory Affairs.
Additionally, the Department can receive students for the "Diplome d’Etudes Approfondis" of the "Faculté de Pharmacie dell’Université de Paris Sud" (France).


The Dipartimento Farmaceutico has been closed (D. R. 563, 25/07/2012) and it is now replaced by the Dipartimento di Farmacia

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