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Research Areas

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The main focus of our research concerns the motor system and its role in cognitive functions.

A specific theme is how individuals recognize actions made by other individuals.

The experimental approach consists of single and multiple neuron recording.

Research team

-::- Leonardo Fogassi

-::- Vittorio Gallese

-::- Giacomo Rizzolatti

-::- Pierfrancesco Ferrari

-::- Maria Alessandra Umiltà

Current research themes
  • Ingestive actions and communicative gestures in pre-motor cortex (Area 5);
  • Coding of action goals and means in pre-motor cortex;
  • Somatotopic and functional organization of posterial parietal cortex;
  • Mirror properties of posterial parietal cortex;
  • Somatotopic and functional organization of STS region;
  • Mirror and motor properties of STS region;
  • Auditory properties of pre-motor and posterial parietal neurons.

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