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Doctor Lucia Riggio
~ Associate Professor ~

Academic profile  

I was born and educated in Padua, where I took my degree in Psychology.

After some years as Research Assistant, I obtained a research grant from CNR, at the University of Parma, where I worked since then for many years.

I am now Associate Professor in Psychology.

In 1986, I spent two months as visiting Fellow at the Department of Psychology at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland); in 1988, I spent six months at the University of Western Australia in Perth as Research Fellow; the same, for two months, in 1995.

I am Member of the “European Brain and Behaviour Society”, of the “European Society for Cognitive Psychology”, of the “Società Italiana di Neurologia”, of the “Società Italiana di Psicologia”.

(+39) 0521-033946

Research Interests  

My mayor research interest is focused on facilitatory and inhibitory mechanisms of visual selective attention with special regard to stimulus features and motor control.

Recent Publications  

Sato M., Mengarelli M., Riggio L., Gallese V., Buccino G.
Task related modulation of the motor system during language processing.
Brain and Language, in press.


Glenberg A.M., Sato M., Cattaneo L., Riggio L., Palumbo D., Buccino G.
Processing Abstract Language Modulates Motor System Activity.
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, in press.

Riggio L., Iani C, Gherri E., Benatti F, Rubichi S., Nicoletti R.
The role of attention in the occurrence of the affordance effect.
Acta Psychologica 127, 449-58, 2008.

Nuzzi G., Riggio L., Rossi S.
Visual reaction times in strabismic amblyopia: a case-control study.
Acta Biomedica 78, 182-189, 2007.

Riggio L., Patteri I., Oppo A., Buccino G., Umiltà C.
The role of affordances in inhibition of return.
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 13, 1085-1090, 2006.

Buccino G., Riggio L.
The role of the mirror neuron system in motor learning.
Kinesiology, 38, 1, 13, 2006.

Buccino G., Riggio L., Melli G., Binkofski F., Gallese V., Rizzolatti G.
Listening to action-related sentences modulates the activity of the motor system: A combined TMS and behavioral study.
Cognitive Brain Research, 24,355-363, 2005.

Buccino G., Binkofski F., Riggio L.
The mirror neuron system and action recognition.
Brain and Language, 89, 370-376, 2004.

Buccino G., Binkofski F., Riggio L.
The mirror neuron system and action recognition.
Brain and Language, 89, 370-376, 2005.

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Riggio L., Umiltà C.
Role of location and shape in inhibition of return.
In: Zanforlin M., Tommasi L. (eds) Research in perception.
Proceedings of the Meeting in Memory of Fabio Metelli, pp. 261-262, 1999.

Riggio L., Bello A., Umiltà C.
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Caffarra P., Riggio L., Malvezzi L., Scaglioni A., Freedman M.
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Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neurology, 10: 90-95, 1997.

Sheliga B.M., Craighero L., Riggio L., Rizzolatti G.
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Riggio L., Kirsner K.
The relationship between central cues and peripheral cues in covert visual attention.
Perception & Psychophysics, 59: 885-899, 1997.

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