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Doctor Lucia Silvotti
~ Researcher ~

Academic profile  

I was born in Parma and educated in Milan.
I was graduated in Biological Sciences in Parma in 1982.
I took my PhD in Molecular Biology and Pathology in 1990. The subject of my thesis was focused on the transforming growth factors secreted by virus-transformed cells.
From 1983 to 1984, as a recipient of a fellowship from the Italian Association for Cancer Research, I worked in the Laboratory of Viral Oncology at the Pasteur Institute of Paris, directed by Prof. L. Montagnier.
From 1993 to 1995 I worked at the Institute of Pathologic Anatomy at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Parma.
From 1994 to 1996 I have spent regular terms at the Pasteur Institute of Paris as a Visiting Scientist.
Since 1996 I have been doing research at the section of Physiology of this Department.

(+39) 0521-033890

Research Interests  

My research interests have been focused on viral oncology and immunopathology. More specifically, I investigated the correlation between cellular proliferation, growth factors and aminoacid transport in transformed mammalian cells.
I also studied the role of macrophages on the pathogenesis of AIDS. In collaboration with the University of Pisa and Urbino, I studied the effects of a retroviral drug on macrophages of cats affected by FIV-mediated immunodeficiency.
I also studied the immunotoxicological effects of maternal aflatoxin exposure in weaned piglets.
At present, I am interested in the molecular basis of pheromonal communication in mammals. I am now engaged in a study aimed at understanding the functional role of a family of putative pheromonal receptors that have been discovered in our laboratory.

Recent Publications  

Silvotti L., Montani G., Tirindelli R.
How mammals detect pheromones.
J Endocr. Invest. (in press)


Silvotti L., Belloni L., Umiltà M.A., Mucignat-Caretta C., Tirindelli R.
Differential activation of neurons in the accessory olfactory bulb of pre-pubertal female mice exposed to pheromonal stimuli.
E J Neurosci (submitted).


Biasi E., Silvotti L., Tirindelli R. (2001)
Pheromone detection in rodents.
Neuroreport 12, A81-A84, 2001.


Martini S., Silvotti L., Shirazi A., Ryba N.J.P., Tirindelli R. (2001)
Co-expression of putative pheromone receptors in the sensory neurons of the vomeronasal organ.
Journal of Neuroscience 21, 843-848, 2001.


Kramer L., Silvotti L., Granelli P.,Pollera C., Ferrari C., Bendinelli M., Cabassi E.
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Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 55, 263-271, 1997.


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Magnani M., Rossi L., Fraternale A., Silvotti L., Quintavalla F., Piedimonte G., Matteucci D., Baldinotti F., Bendinelli M.
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Silvotti L., Piedimonte G., Petronini P.G., Favilla R., Borghetti A.F.
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The effect of betaine on SV3T3 cells exposed to hypertonicity.
Cell Biology International Reports 14, 257, 1990.


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