Speakers, Discussants and Topics
(Titles to be announced)

Opening lecture
Rizzolatti G. New Frontiers in mirror neurons research abstract
1. Basic findings and concepts in action-perception theory
Luppino G.    Cortical circuits for action observation in the macaque brain abstract
Fogassi L.  Mirror neurons in the monkey brain abstract
Hari R. MEG in the study action observation abstract
Iacoboni M. Functional MRI and Mirror Neurons abstract
Lemon R.N. Corticospinal neurons in macaque F5 and M1 with mirror-like activity abstract
Aglioti S.M. Neural underpinnings of anticipatory action perception in expert brains abstract
2. Emotion, Communication and Evolution
Gallese V. Bodily Selves in Relation: From mirror neurons to Embodied Simulation abstract
Fadiga L. The Sensorimotor Grounding of Language and Speech abstract
Gentilucci M. Arm motor control and speech abstract
Orban G. The mirror system in human and non-human primates: comparative functional imaging studies abstract
Keysers C. Expanding the Mirror abstract
Mooney R. Auditory-vocal "mirror" neurons in songbirds: circuit mechanisms, the role of experience, and links to learning and communication abstract
Iriki A. Triadic niche construction: a scenario of human brain evolution extrapolating tool use and language from the evo-devo mechanisms of the control of reaching actions abstract
3. Development
Bekkering H. Development and function of neurocognitive mechanisms for human social interaction abstract
Heyes C. Making Mirrors: The Role of Associative Learning in the Development of Mirror Neurons abstract
Fox N.A. EEG-mu suppression during action observation: Developmental studies and methodological considerations abstract
Ferrari P.F. The ontogeny of the mirror neuron system and implications on primate cognitive and behavioral development abstract
Woodward A. Mirroring and the development of intention understanding abstract
Meltzoff A. Neonatal Imitation and Behavioral Mirroring: Ontogenesis of Social Cognition abstract
4. Theoretical and clinical implications
Prinz W. Exploring representational underpinnings of occluded action abstract
Pineda J. Functional Neuroanatomical Changes in the Mirror Neuron System Produced by Neurofeedback Training of Children on the Autism Spectrum abstract
Sinigaglia C. Minding minds: Through the looking glass abstract
Buccino G. From mirror neurons to action observation treatment: an example of translational medicine abstract
One-day Symposium: Development of Mirror Neurons - Thursday, September 6th, 9:00-17:00
Claes von Hofsten Plenary Lecture: On the development of the MNS
This symposium is open only to a restricted number of participants (upon request).
Ammaniti M., Avenanti A., Cattaneo M., Casile A., Contreras-Vidal P., Craighero L., Giese M., Hadjikhani N., Kilner J., Lenzi G.L., Murata A., Murray L., Nelissen K., Rauscheker J., Rozzi S., Sandini G., Suomi S.J., Thier P., von Hofsten C., Umiltà M.A.