Speakers and Topics

Parmigiani S. The Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture in Erice
Sgoifo A., Esler M., Montano N., Vaccarino V. Stress, behavior and the heart
1. Stress, behavior and cardiovascular disease in humans
Herman J. The stress connectome
Esler M.  Mental stress and human cardiovascular diseases
Penninx B. Somatic consequences of depression: biological mechanisms
Brunner E. Social factors and cardiovascular morbidity
2. Animal models of central neural regulation of cardiovascular stress response
Nalivaiko E. Animal models of psychogenic cardiovascular disorders
Valentino R. The role of the brain norepinephrine system in behavioral and cardiovascular stress response
Correa F. Central mechanisms of cardiovascular stress responsivity in rats
Carrive P. Orexin, stress-induced cardiorespiratory changes and essential hypertension
3. Coping with stressors: neuroendocrine and autonomic mediators
De Boer S. Behavioral-neuroendocrine features of individual differences in stress coping
Thayer J. Stress, anxiety and cardiac vagal tone
Montano N. Cardiac autonomic control in sleep deprivation
4. Animal models of psychological-cardiovascular comorbidity
Sgoifo A. Social stress-induced depression and cardiovascular dysfunction in rodents
Loria A. Early life adversity as an independent risk factor of cardiovascular and metabolic disease in rodents
Sevoz-Couche C. Social stress, anxiety and central neural modulation of cardiovascular stress response in rats
5. Epigenetics of stress and cardiovascular dysfunction
Zannas A. Epigenetics and the regulation of stress vulnerability and resilience
Lehmann L. Epigenetic Therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
El-Osta A. Epigenetics of metabolic memory and cardiac hypertrophy
6. Heart and behavior: the female side of the coin
Vaccarino V. Social, behavioral, and emotional determinants of cardiovascular risk in women
Salvador A. Social stress, cognitive performance and cardiac function. Relevance of age and gender
Shively C. Stress, depression and coronary artery atherosclerosis in female nonhuman primates: effects of SSRIs and diet
Bairey Merz N. Stress, behavior and cardiovascular disease: summary of prior failed intervention trials and pathophysiological understanding needed to progress